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The EU 'Healthy Hay' Project - reinventing sainfoin

Sainfoin is a unique forage legume. High-yielding and drought resistant, it thrives on alkaline soils. The plant is a natural anthelmintic and the fodder produced is highly nutritious and bloat free. This low input crop adds fertility to the soil and provides much-needed nectar for insects.

The EU 'Healthy Hay' project spent four years researching this valuable crop and the findings are published on this site. In today's farming industry where sustainability and low input costs are key, sainfoin has a major role to play.


Post-doc position available

New Post-doc position available for LegumePlus

University of Turku, Finland

Gas emissions from livestock

The international symposium on Emissions of Gas and Dust from Livestock

10th-13th June 2012 in the town of Saint-Malo, France.


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PhD fellowship positions available on the new LegumePlus project

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LegumePlus project

New EU Legume Research Project Given Go Ahead

LegumePlus will involve further research into Sainfoin, Red Clover and Birdsfoot Trefoil

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Healthy Hay Researchers Awarded Major Prizes

Sainfoin research wins recognition.